Located within the Casa Anfa urban project on the historic side of the former airport of Anfa, this real estate complex offers an impressive amount of green space on a 3 hectare area.

The project commissioned by Yasmine Signature Anfa Club has been designed by the avant-garde French Architecture Firm Maison Edouard Francois. The project offers apartment units in a vegetal 15-storey tower and apartment units in low-rise residential buildings (4 storeys).

Yasmine Signature Anfa club is a real estate development which covers a net floor area of 50,000 sqm. It consists of three mid-rise vegetal residential towers (16 storeys), 384 apartments, duplexes and 6 penthouses ranging from 50 to 300 sqm. A large garden will cover 70 % of the ground surface. The three vegetal towers will be decorated with white boungainvillea and the low-rise residential buildings will have private gardens and landscaped terraces. The project will be carried out in three stages, with the first stage to be delivered in 2016.


Yasmine immobilier

Project Dates

Delivery: from 2016


Architects : Edouard François/G3A