The 1998 World Exhibition in Lisbon was an important milestone in terms of intervention of TPF Planege having been involved in the supervision of technical infrastructure and road works and technical support to the operation and maintenance of the Technical infrastructure, as well as the dismantling of the Exhibition.

The contract of the technical infrastructure of the zone of intervention of the EXPO ‘ 98 included the execution of works of domestic water and rainwater collectors, drinking water supply, irrigation network, electricity supply network, telecommunications network, gas network, network of municipal solid waste and technical gallery buried, with the section of 4.5 x 4.0 m² and approximately 6 km of length. All these works were performed after modulation of the field activity that followed the demolition of existing buildings and infrastructure. Involved also the supervision of construction of viaduct in order to ensure access to the South Gate of the intervention Zone. This project also included the enlargement and reprofiling of the Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa, on the route between the Av.. Infante D. Henrique and the Rotunda of Baptista Russo. The proper functioning of the EXPO ‘ 98 required a high level of quality in the supply of utilities to the Participating Countries ‘ Pavilions. To this end, had been created a team responsible for operating the facility and for compliance with all preventive actions, diagnosis of malfunctions and corrective interventions necessary for the uninterrupted operation of technical installations. Subsequently, undertook the coordination and supervision of contracts for dismantling of the temporary infrastructures and adaptation of workplaces to their future use as Lisbon international Fair.


Parque Expo’98

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