Widening of a 2-lane section of the C-25 road into a dual carriageway with 2 lanes in each direction. The new road will become a shadow toll highway.

The upgraded and widened road section has a length of 55.4 km and runs through 13 municipal districts, the most important being the municipality of Vic. Design speed is 100 km/h (80 km/h on some sections). Carriageway width is 7.0 m (2 lanes, shoulder width is not included). Some sections with steep slopes have an additional lane and a width of 10.5 m. The works also included the rehabilitation of the pavement of the existing C-25 road.
There are 12 tunnels on the route, of which 5 are cut-and-cover tunnels. Bored tunnel lengths are: 213 m; 447 m; 230 m; 495 m; 1420 m; 239 m; 458 m. Cut-and cover tunnel lengths are 360 m, 120 m, 177m, 79 m.

The project also includes 13 interchanges, 18 bridges, with a total length of 3 500 m, 25 overpasses, 30 underpasses, 53 walls and 133 culverts.


GISA (Cataluña Infrastructure Management)

Project Dates

2007 – 2014



Project Figures

Amount of contract:

3,172,865.00 €

Amount of works:

334,518,805.24 €