TPF CPROJECT (whose name changed to TPF INGINERIE) provides project management and design services under the "Extension and rehabilitation of water and waste water infrastructure in Arges county" project. Our engineers have completed successfully the first stage of design and tender evaluation and moved on to assisting the contractors on site to construct the works according to specifications.

The water and waste water infrastructure project in Arges county targets both urban and rural sanitation system aiming to improve quality of living in the project area, thus contributing to the SOP Environmental Programme for the period 2007-2013 and setting the basis for the next period 2014-2020 to comply with EU acquits.

The services provided by TPF CPROJECT (whose name changed to TPF INGINERIE) under the consortium led by Aecom Ingenieria secure the financial, technical and functional management of the works contracts and strategizes the sludge and industrial management of the water operator.

Under the contract, TPF completed full design for 3 Red Fidic works contracts covering  around 200 km of pipes (water ducts and sewers) and 46 water & waste water pumps.


Apa Canal 2000 SA Pitesti

Project Dates

2012 – 2015


Aecom Ingenieria & Teamnet