This project is considered a pilot project for the absorption of the EU Cohesion Funds. A team of 17 experts have been working every day supervising the various construction sites.

The project comprises seven works contracts for the construction and extension of the water supply and sewerage systems in the county of Giurgiu (298.000 inhabitants), namely :

  •  Rehabilitation of 34 water pits (replacement of the pumps and installations) and construction of 8 new ones
  • Replacement of 8.7 km of water mains
  • Rehabilitation of 32.2 km of water supply pipes and extension of the network by 50.2 km
  • Replacement of 14 km of sewerage pipes and extension of the network by 125.7 km
  • Rehabilitation of 3 chlorination plants
  • Rehabilitation of 3 pumping stations
  • Rehabilitation of 2 wastewater pumping stations and construction of 8 new ones
  • Rehabilitation of a 82,400 PE WWTP, construction of 2 WWTPs with capacities of 11,200 PE and 6,600 PE respectively
  • Rehabilitation of a water basin and construction of a new one (2×400 m³)

TPF Romania acted as sub-contractor of TPF-Utitlities.


Giurgiu County

Project Dates

2008 – 2012



Project Figures

Project cost: 72 M€