The Acceleration of Growth Program (PAC, in Portuguese) was developed and promoted by the Brazilian Federal Government and aims the improvement of the logistics, energetic, social and urban infrastructure of all Brazilian municipalities and, in the specific case of this contract, the improvement of the sanitation sector in 50 municipalities located in the State of Piauí, implementing or upgrade the water supply and sewage collection systems in a region were hydric resources are scarce, benefiting a population of approximately 348 thousand inhabitants on the horizon of the project (year 2028).

In the scope of this contract, the following services were developed: topographic and geotechnical studies; property registration and demographic research; hydrological, hydrogeological and environmental studies; urban planning studies; technical, economic and environmental feasibility; conception projects of water catchment and adduction; treatment facilities projects; conception projects of treated water distribution networks and water storage tanks; sewage networks projects; pumping stations, interceptors and emissaries projects; electrical and structural projects.



Project Dates

06/2010 – 04/2013

Project Figures

Contract value : 2,250,482.97 €