Complete studies of the wastewater treatment plant building

The waste water treatment plant with a nominal capacity of 100 000 P.E. started operation on December 22, 2001.
It operates on the principle of low-load activated sludge, with nitrification/denitrification and biological phosphorus removal.
The pretreated waste water is nitrified and denitrified through two aerated-anoxic channels preceded by an anaerobic lagoon.
Each biological reactor has its own water supply line with its dedicated clarifier.
In addition to the biological assimilation, phosphorus is removed by simultaneous precipitation (ferric chloride).

TPF-Utilities awarded a project management contract comprising the following tasks:

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design: calculation of the population equivalent (P.E.), sizing of the water plant, estimate of the investment and operating costs, …
  • Drafting of the specifications : administrative clauses, general clauses relating to civil and electromechanical engineering, specific technical clauses and appendixes (submission form, quantity surveys, … )
  • Analysis of the tenderers’ bids and drafting of the award report.
  • Construction management: schedule control, checking of the civil engineering and electromechanical documentation, checking of the successful execution of works, approval of progress and final reports, …


Intercommunale de Propreté Publique du Hainaut Occidental (IPALLE)

Project Dates

1995 – 2001