Complete studies of the wastewater treatment plant building

Construction and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant of Comblain-au-Pont (Liège).

The treatment plant is designed to treat 4.000 equivalent inhabitants.


  • Pollution load treated: carbone, nitrogen.
  • Treatment process: extended aeration activated sludge, denitrification by alternating phase, sludge thickening and drying beds.

Line treatment: 1 pretreatment sludge line, 1 line of biological treatment, 1 line of treatment sludge.

The project management mission includes the following studies:

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design: sizing of the water plant, estimation of the investment cost and the operating costs …
  • Making out of the specifications: the administrative part, the technical part (civil engineering and electromechanical engineering), the specific technical part and the appendices.
  • Offers analysis and drawing up of the analysis report.
  • Management of the works: control of the schedule, check of the civil engineering and electromechanical documentation, check of the good execution of the works, control and approval of the financial aspects.


Association Intercommunale pour le Démergement et l’Epuration (AIDE)

Project Dates

2010 – 2015