Technical assistance to the project management for the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in South Albufera. Urgent action approved by Organic Law 11/2005

Technical assistance to the project management including consulting services and supervision of the commissioning and operation of the works during the warranty period.

Main features of the construction works:

Expansion of South Albufera WWTP, including:

  • Tertiary treatment: it involves physical and chemical processes, decantation and sand filters
  • Tertiary treatment facilities
  • Agricultural reservoir
  • Two pressure pipelines, with centrifuged polyester pipes (PN 10, 800 mm Ø)
  • A Green Filter


The expansion of South Albufera WWTP (tertiary treatment) has a treatment capacity of 1,417 m3/hour (34,008 m3/day).                      

  • Wastewater pipe network
  • Wastewater treatment station
  • Re-use of effluents to irrigate citrus and horticultural crops as well as rice fields.
  • Improvements to the quality and quantity of water supply to the Albufera and surrounding marsh.
  • The final objective is to provide sufficient clean water flow as there was in the 60s.
  • Beneficiary population: 199,000 inhabitants.
  • BOD5: Input 30 mg/l Output < 25 mg/l
  • Suspended solids: Input 300 mg/l Output 35 mg/l
  • Sludge drying: <25%



Project Dates

2008 – 2012



Project Figures

Contract Value:
1,149,564.65 €