Construction of a waste recovery plant through mechanical-biological sorting (Salindres).

Construction of a mechanical-biological sorting centre for domestic waste on a 49,600 sqm site. It concerns the household waste of 53 municipalities, managed by the Mixed Intercommunal Syndicate responsible for managing waste in the Alès region.

This mechanical-biological sorting centre comprises :

  • 1 household waste and similar waste sorting unit with substrate and concrete plates in the interior compartments, a metal frame with an insulated cladding facade, and an insulated steel roof
  • 1 composting area (compost fermentation, maturation and refining processes)  with a rigid sill plate, up to 30 cm thick concrete plates,  hollow core slabs and full slab floor. These concrete elements are subject to strong chemical attack (XA2 and XA3, coating 5 cm, severe to harmful cracking).
  • 1 air treatment area. The facilities are designed to receive and to process 50,000 tons waste per year and similar waste with a weekly peak capacity representing 155 % of the average week.

The project follows a high environmental approach.



Project Dates

Delivery: 2012


Architect Didier Rogeon