Feasibility Study (6000 ha) of the Waco-Kungo Water Development nourished by a Pumping station (Matumbo) that captures water in the Queve river and whose hydraulics system dominates an area of approximately 11 000 ha.

According studies of Provincial Board of Settlement of Angola for this perimeter:

  • Irrigated area: about 1000 ha, divided into 50 medium homestead;
  • Main water catchment: one pumping station with four groups (1112 cv of power) that serves a primary channel through a pipeline of 900 mm and 2,0 km of length;
  • 2 secondary pumping stations, with elevation heights of 12 m and 13 m between the main and secondary channels;
  • 38,2 km of irrigation networks (50 irrigation outlets).

Study Objectives: Definition of the model of cultural occupation, analysis of engineering studies, business and investment plan, setting the Master Plan and the organisation of future management entity of the Perimeter


Sociedade de Desenvolvimento dos Perímetros Irrigados, S.A

Project Dates

2006 – 2009


ProSistemas Angola

AgroGes, Sociedade de Estudos e Projectos