Construction of the Villa Méditerranée – International Center for dialogue and exchanges in the Mediterranean area

Designed by the Italian architect Stephano BOERI, the Villa Méditerranée is an emblematic building located in Marseille, the city designated as European Capital of Culture in 2013. A variety of special techniques have been developed to design the large cantilever hosting the exhibition area and to build the underwater parts of the building.  The water enters between the two horizontal planes of the C-shaped building, creating a water square capable of mooring small pleasure boats.

The Atrium passes through the entire building.  It extends over the height of the superstructure and links together the reception area, the level which hosts the exhibitions, accessible through escalators and the lower mezzanine, leading to the conference center.


PACA Region

Project Dates

Delivery: 2013


Architect: Stefano Boeri
Enterprises: BEC, Castel et Fromager, Sefi-Intrafor

Project Figures

Project costs: 70 M€