Communes of Rhode–Saint-Genèse/Sint-Genesius-Rode, Linkebeek, Uccle/Ukkel and Drogenbos

Realisation of a waste water collector network in the Southern region of the WWTP in the framework of the construction of the waste water treatment plant of Brussels-South

The first and second phases have been executed during the year 1990.

The third phase of the collector – approx. length 6 km, collects the waters of the communes of Rhode-Saint-Genese, Linkebeek, Uccle, Drogenbos (hydrography basin of the Verrewinkelbeek)

It is the last section allowing the full supply of the Brussels South station. The project study is completed and the works began begin 2011 to be completed within a five years period of time.


Brussels Company of Water Management (Société Bruxelloise de Gestion de l’Eau – SBGE)

Project Dates

1998 – 2016

The two first phases are completed.
The third phase will be carried out from 2011 to 2016

Project Figures

Length: 6 km