Supervision of the works for the upgrading of the ventilation system of the Airport Services Tunnel in Madrid-Barajas Airport to comply with current regulations

The works for the upgrading of the ventilation system in the Airport Services Tunnel (AST) covered all tunnel galleries, including the ones devoted to the automatic luggage system, the Automatic People Mover and the roads for vehicular traffic.

During the works, 26 jet fans were installed in the tunnel ceiling, with powers ranging from 30 to 75 kW and 30 to 66 m³/s air flow rates. Weight: from 0.9 to 1.7 tons.

Additionally, 2 hauling shafts were executed to place 4 axial fans, with 355 kW of power and 2.2 m of turbine diameters. These fans reach extraction flow rates up to 140 m³/s and weigh 9 tones.

The AST remained operational during the construction works. It was only completely closed during four hours at night time to install the axial fans.

A fire drill was conducted to check that the AST complies with the current legal requirements for tunnels and meets high safety standards both in the tunnel daily operation and in the event of fire.


AENA (Spanish Airports Authority)

Project Dates

2010 – 2011

Project Figures

Contract Value:
175,912.55 €