Technical assistance services for the control and supervision of the works for the upgrading of Vigo Airport airfield

The main objective of this project is to upgrade the airfield of Vigo Airport in order to comply with Royal Decree 862/2009, on the technical standards for the design and operation of public use aerodromes and the certification of airports under the State’s competence.

The upgrading of the airfield mainly involves the leveling of the strips and runway end safety areas (RESA) of the 02-20 runway and the removal of existing obstacles.

Among the works carried out, it should be highlighted: the displacement of the 02 threshold, the replacement of signaling manholes and the construction of a reinforced earth wall for the expansion of the eastern strip area.

Main activities of the project:

  • Upgrading and leveling of runways and taxiways
  • Upgrading and leveling of the 20 RESA
  • Displacement of the 02 threshold
  • Upgrading and leveling of the 02 RESA
  • Upgrading and leveling of the 20 Radio Altimeter operating area
  • Widening of C3 taxiway

As general criteria, the project has included the upgrading of all elements considered as obstacles, such as manholes, foundations, service roads, paved roads, ditches, etc.


AENA (Spanish Airports Authority)

Project Dates

2011 – 2013

Project Figures

Contract Value:
298,733.29 €