Supervision of the construction works of Asturias Airport apron

The works involved the demolition and reconstruction of positions No. 3, 4 and 5 of the Asturias Airport apron (the ones that were first built), in order to upgrade the grade and sub-grade layers under the slabs and implement a drainage system towards the northern area of the apron. Additionally, some slabs in positions No. 1 and 2 were repaired (first expansion of the apron) and surface water drainage channels were installed to be connected with the current drainage system of the area.

On the other hand, the perimeter road between the apron and the terminal was upgraded, and two hydrocarbon separation plants and a storm-water tank were installed. Signaling and lighting systems remained the same with the exception of road marking, which was adapted to current regulations.

  • Main activities of the project:
  • Upgrading of slabs in the former apron
  • Repair of certain slabs in the first apron expansion
  • Installation of surface water drainage channels
  • Hydrocarbon-water separation
  • Upgrading of road marking in the apron
  • Relocation of affected utilities


AENA (Spanish Airports Authority)

Project Dates

2011 – 2013

Project Figures

Contract Value:
397,184.00 €