The UCL-Wolwué site is currently heated via a heating network supplied by a single boiler room comprising 2 boilers of 26.5 MW and 2 boilers of 7.5 and 4.3 MW respectively, for a total installed power of 65 MW.

The project includes the transition from 160-140°C operating conditions to 90-70°C operating conditions, the replacement of exchangers, the replacement of the main circulators on the secondary networks, the placement of frequency variators to improve the efficiency of the installations, the replacement of the regulation system in place with an overall regulation system for the primary network and the secondary networks, adaptation of the insulation of the installations to come in line with the PEB [Energy Performance Certificate] requirements.

Mission of TPF-Utilities :

  • Preliminary design: site survey, dimensioning, estimate of works, drafting master plans, …
  • Project: drafting administrative terms and conditions, general and special technical specifications, appendices, …
  • Analysis of offers
  • Project Management: monitoring the planning and proper performance of works, adherence to the specifications.
  • Commissioning: monitoring the commissioning of installations, testing, quality control.


Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Project Dates

2013 – 2015