Technical assistance to the project management of the Torrevieja Desalination Plant (Alicante)

Torrevieja desalination plant will supply water for irrigation to Campo de Cartagena Canal and La Pedrera reservoir. It will also supply water for human use through the Taibilla Canals Community. Therefore, its production (80 Hm3) will be evenly divided between irrigation and human consumption.

The works comprise the construction of a desalination plant, with a maximum capacity of 240,000 m3/day; loading land pipeline (2,200 m of GRP pipes with 2,400 mm of Ø) and unloading pipeline (2,450 m of GRP pipes with 2,000 mm of Ø); submarine pipeline (1,250 m of GRP pipes with 2,000 mm of Ø); an open water point from a box attached to the western dyke of Torrevieja Port; a discharger at the eastern dyke of the same port and a 21 km water pipeline.


Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas ACUAMED

Project Dates

2007 – 2013


TYPSA (45%)
INALSA (15%)

Project Figures

Contract Value: 
5,160,194.35 €