The study of Environmental Impacts included: (1) the study of characterization of the reference situation of the area of influence of the project; (2) the assessment of the impacts resulting from its implementation; and (3) the definition of the measures to minimize the negative impacts, to the stages of construction, operation and decommissioning/conversion of the operation.

The Solar Thermal Central of Tavira involves the installation of 69 336 m2 of mirrors of the CLFR – Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector type, and works an average of 2442 h/year to the nominal power, with an average annual production of 12.7 GWh electricity. It also foresees the use of a steam turbine for saturated steam at temperatures around 250 ° C, a relatively low value from the point of view of solar collectors, which allows the CLFR technology.

General characteristics of central

  • Power peak: 7.0 MWe
  • Nominal power:  5.2 MWe
  • Area collectors (mirrors): 69 336 m²
  • Land area used: 100 000 m²


Overall dimensions of the collectors system structures

  • 8 rows of mirrors / reflectors, each piping / absorber;
  • Each line has 10 rows of mirrors / reflectors;
  • Long lines have a length of 386 m;
  • The width of each row of mirrors is 29 m;
  • The pipes -absorber are at a height of 15 m;
  • Mirrors and circular structure of support of the same have a height of about 2.5 m.



T-ESTP – Tavira Energia Solar Térmica de Portugal, SA

Project Dates

2007 – 2008