Full guarantee contract covering the maintenance and the delegated management of the technical installations of the building located place Surlet de Chokier. The contract has been concluded for a duration of 20 years. It also includes a commitment to an energy quota.

Preventive, predictive and evolutive maintenance as well as operation related to the following installations:

  • heating ;
  • cooling units and cooling towers ;
  • water treatment ;
  • fire protection ;
  • access control ;
  • electricity (HV, lighting,…) ;
  • lifts ;
  • compressed air ;…

This maintenance is based on the use of our CAMM software having an open platform that enables our clients to have broad access to the intervention and program reports. We also carried out a full energy audit of the building and made suggestions for improvements.


Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles

Project Dates

2011 – 2031