The project consists of investments for water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment used in locations of over 2,000 L.E. (People Equivalent), investments to be implemented in Arges County in rural and urban settlements and which will result into the connection to these systems of all citizens from these settlements.

The Consortium led by TPF CPROJECT – whose name changed to TPF INGINERIE –  (TPF CPROJECT-ENGESOFT ENGENHARIA E CONSULTORIA-EUROESTUDIOS) achieved an important milestone in the Extension and rehabilitation of water and waste water infrastructure in Arges county, Romania Project. The Contract was signed in August 2016 and the implementation starts in January 2017.

The sequence project for the period 2014-2020 initiated by the Regional Water Operator, Apa Canal 2000 Arges, targets both urban and rural development in terms of access to clean drinking water and sanitation services covering several agglomerations.

Technical assistance consists for the preparation of the funding application (AT-AF) is meant to prepare all the documents required to obtain co-funding from the European Union for water and waste water infrastructure works.


Apa Canal 2000 Pitesti

Project Dates

2016 – 2020