The Sustainable Rural Development Program of Pernambuco (ProRural) aims to ensure the social participation and management in ongoing sanitation works in the State, in its different performance stages, in 200 rural locations.

The Consortium Synergia-TPF-E performed the services considering the diversity of rural populations, seeking the inclusion of all communities in the access of sanitation structures, with participation strategies appropriate to the singularities of each territory.

The main activities performed were:

I. Coordination and integration of primary and secondary data to comprise a diagnosis of the rural sanitation reality in the State of Pernambuco.

II. Mobilization and awareness raising of Family Producers Organizations (OPFs).

III. Training of organizations in the management of basic sanitation systems.

IV. Management monitoring (water treatment, system operationalization and maintenance, management support instruments, among others).

V. Assessment of the operation of basic sanitation management systems performed by the OPFs.

VI. Preparation of didactic materials (technical notes and videos) for training activities.

The project enabled the development of methodologies and action strategies in the extensive scope of the project (the entire State of PE, except for the coast), maintaining the quality of actions in the 200 rural locations, respecting the social, cultural and political reality of the communities.


  • State Government of Pernambuco
  • Agricultural and Land Reform Department/ProRural

Project Dates

2016 – 2017