San José - Caldera Road comprises 77 km constructed under a concession contract. TPF Getinsa Euroestudios ( formerly Getinsa-Payma S.L) is providing supervision services during the first 60 months of the O&M Phase.

The Costa Rican National Concessions Board requires the presence of a Supervising Company in order to control that the works done meet the standards set forth in San José-Caldera concession contract (77 km) during the operation and maintenance phase.

The Concession Contract can be divided into three different sections: San José – Ciudad Colón: 14 km  / Ciudad Colón – Orotina: 38 km / Orotina – Caldera : 24 km.

  • The main assignments of the contract for the supervision services involve:
    Ensure compliance with operation and maintenance requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with service and operation regulations.
  • Ensure and monitor proper charge of fees.
  • Ensure compliance with the financial requirements established in the concession agreement.
  • Supervise legal, accounting and financial aspects.
  • Ensure compliance with the environmental requirements established in the concession agreement.
  • Control, supervise and check revenues coming from toll roads as well as other revenues included in the concession, by using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Control and monitor the Net Present Value of the concession investment and co-participation.
  • Carry out impact analysis and economic control of the concession.
  • Provide assistance services for the preparation and review of the supplementary agreements, addenda and/or renegotiation of the Concession Contract terms, which may take place during the operation phase of the concession and ensure compliance with the aforementioned documents.
  • Supervise the construction works, which may take place during the operation phase of the concession.
  • Provide consulting services for the coordination with the different companies involved in the Concession Contract, whether private or public, as well as with any other ministerial, regional, local or community authorities, in order to anticipate and avoid potential problems during the operating phase of the concession.
  • Assist the Project Management Department in the decision-making with respect to the control and compliance with the requirements established in the Concession Contract as well as in the responsibilities and duties assigned to this role.
  • Carry out supervision and verification tasks required by the Concession Contract


National Concessions Board of Costa Rica

Project Dates

2014 – 2019

Project Figures

Amount of contract:
9,955,850 US$