Control and supervision of the construction works: Highway A-66 (La Plata Highway). N-630 Road from Gijón to Seville Port. Section: Calzada de Valdunciel - Salamanca. Province of Salamanca

This 9.94-km highway section runs through the towns of Valdunciel, Calzada de Valdunciel, Castellanos de Villiquera, Monterrubio de la Armuña and Villares de la Reina, in the province of Salamaca, Spain. It is included in the A-66 Highway (La Plata Highway) that connects Gijón with Seville.

The design speed of the highway is 120 km/h. The typical highway cross-section is composed of two 7-m carriageways with two 3.50-m lanes each, 2.50-m outside shoulders and 1.00-m inside shoulders, with 1.00-m benches attached. The median strip is 10 m wide. The total construction budget reached € 27,780,815.14.

The contract for the supervision of the construction works included: technical, administrative and financial management of the construction works; quality control; supervision of the Contractor’s implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan; laboratory testing; Bill of Quantities and financial control; health and safety coordination; monitoring of the environmental impact mitigation measures and technical assistance services for the design and supervision of addenda to the project.


Secretaría de Estado de Infraestructuras y Planificación (State Secretariat for Planning and Infrastructure). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2005 – 2008

Project Figures

Contract Value: 763,582 €