Supervision of the upgrading works of E 20/ CE 20 railway line, between Siedlce (91.489 km) and BialaPidlaska (170.300 km), included in the Project PoliŚ 7, 1-9.1 “Upgrading of the E 20/ CE 20 railway line, section: Siedlce-Terespol, stage II”. Section length: 78.8 km.

The contract includes the design and construction of the E 20 railway line, section: Sidlce – Terespol, from km 91.489 to km 170.300. The works consist in the upgrading of three train stations, Siedlce, Luków and Międzyrzecz, together with improvements to the signaling and telecommunications systems of these sections of the railway line:

  • Upgrading of 3 stations: track, platform, ballasting, ballast sub-base and drainage
  • Demolition of unnecessary buildings and structures
  • Demolition of the existing tracks
  • Reconstruction of the platform with the equipment; construction of underpasses and footbridges for pedestrians
  • Reconstruction and upgrading of existing structures
  • Demolition and reconstruction of road level crossings
  • Upgrading of the catenary
  • Upgrading of the ERTMS
  • Upgrading of the telecommunications system
  • Upgrading of the electrification system
  • Upgrading of switch gears
  • Platform lighting
  • Demolition and construction of traffic control buildings
  • Construction of service lines
  • Relocation of affected roads
  • Relocation of affected utilities


PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, S.A.

Project Dates

2013 – 2019

Project Figures

Contract Value: 1,493,690 USD