Project approval, control and supervision services for the construction of a single-track line between Relizane, south of Tiaret and Tissemsilt. Section length: 185 km.

Construction of a single-track line connecting with the southern section of the Algerian Railway Network at Tiaret/Saida and with the northern section at Relizane.

The project consists in a traditional ballasted track, 185 km long, with a total track length of 222 km and UIC 60 rail. The maximum speed is set to 160 km/h. The line is intended for mixed traffic (passengers and freight). The project includes 7 stations, 5 tunnels, signaling and telecommunications systems, ETCS Level 1 and GSMR. The area is of difficult access, due to the existence of high mountains and track-level variances, which requires the construction of a large number of tunnels and viaducts.



Project Dates

2011 – 2016


TPF Consultores, SIDEM

Project Figures

Contract Value:
12,386,947 €