Supervision of the feasibility study of Agua Negra Tunnel, a twin-tube tunnel between Argentina and Chile, 14 km long.

It is a twin-tube road tunnel (with two one-way lanes per tube). It has a length of 14 km and connects Chile with Argentina. The terrain altitude is 4,000 m high. The main features of the tunnel are:

  • Transverse and longitudinal ventilation (with jet fans). Pressurized cross-passages
  • High-voltage electrical substations at the tunnel portals
  • Medium-voltage inside substations
  • CCTV and DAI systems.
  • Variable message boards
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems (water and gas)
  • IP Telephony, SOS posts and intercom
  • Radio system
  • PLC and SCADA control systems
  • Gigabit Ethernet communications system (ring network)
  • Poisonous gas detection
  • Control centers at the tunnel portals, technical facilities, etc.


Dirección Provincial de Vialidad del Gobierno de San Juan (Regional Directorate for Roads of San Juan Provincial Government)

Project Dates

2011 – 2012

Project Figures

Contract Value:
700,000 USD