Supervision of the construction of a 244-km highway, which runs across Vietnam’s Northeastern region from Noi Bai (Hanoi Airport), where it connects to the highway coming from Hanoi and to the Hai Phong Port Highway, to Lao Cai, at the border with China. It comprises 10 accesses, 5 service areas and a series of toll booths. The timeframe for the construction is 58 months, and the construction budget reaches 1,500 million dollars. Civil works are divided into 8 contracts, of approximately 30 km each.

The main services provided were to:

  • Supervise civil works for the highway construction including a tunnel of 500m.
  • Review and approve contractors’ drawings.
  • Determine safety measures at the work site during the construction works.
  • Assist the Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) in the management and supervision of: the environmental impact assessment, land acquisition, relocation of affected utilities, restoration program and social development actions.
  • Assist the VEC in the procurement of equipment for the highway O&M.
  • Advice on the efficient use of loans, financial advice to the project and implementation of highway tolls.
  • Improve VEC staff skills in O&M tasks and assist them in the outsourcing of O&M services for the construction works.
  • Bill of Quantities control in a systematic and sustainable way.
  • Minimize environmental and social risks, considering social and environmental aspects.
  • Implement the Quality Control Program in an efficient way and review the Contractor’s Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Transfer technology to the client’s and Contractors’ staff through workshops and during the construction works, where appropriate.
  • Review the Contractors’ environmental monitoring programs for every section of the highway.
  • Supervise the implementation of the Environmental Monitoring Program during the construction works.


VEC – Vietnam Expressway Corporation

Project Dates

2009 – 2014

Project Figures

Contract Value:
23,195,917 USD