Elaboration of the "Masterplan" and projects of architecture and engineering of several specialties of the infrastructures and buildings that constitute the venture of the House of Sportsmen with Stage Center, housed in a vast area of 195,000 sqm and with a gross building area of 11,400 sqm

The Sportsman House with Stage Centre, comprises the following infrastructure :

Outdoor and Indoor Sport Activities ( 1,650 sqm); 2 football fields lawns with automatic irrigation system, one covered pavilion to practice all sports interior with bench and 2 outdoor fields with lighting; Physical recovery activities (225 sqm): 1 Therapeutic Gym for appliances, 1 area with hydro massage pool and space for conducting massages, Medical Office, Office for Physiotherapists, Nursing Room and Office for collection of equipment and materials; Complementary Services area (1,205 sqm): TV Projection Room, Meeting Room, Refectory and Projection Room and Training; Accommodation and logistics for athletes and Coaches (1,241 sqm): 30 double rooms with toilet and shower, 16 simple rooms with toilets and shower, 1 outdoor pool, 1 Bar, 1 indoor recreation and leisure zone, 1 Laundry; Administrative and Management Sectors (517 sqm) : Front Desk , Office Director, 2 Deputy Directors offices, Meeting Room, Reprographics Room, Sanitary facilities for public and separate staff, Protocol Room, File Room, Accounting Room, IT ( rack ) Room , Store Room and Heritage Room and Shopping; Outdoor Arrangements: Access, Parking, Garden Surroundings, Seal the entire surrounding area.


Governo Provincial da Lunda Norte

Project Dates