Mixed-use complex formed from two office buildings and a hotel, Quartier Fonsny in Brussels

The “South City” project is located along the Avenue Fonsny at the Place Broodthaers which is opposite the entrance to the Gare du Midi railway station. The mixed-use complex is formed from two office buildings of 18,662 m2 (Broodthaers) and 13,625 m2 (Fonsny) and a 7465 m2 hotel, creating a balance in the future Place Broodthaers and in harmony with the spaces of the Rue d’Angleterre. The Broodthaers building is structured by two “towers”. The tallest one has 14 floors. It provides the symmetry for the Place Broodthaers and blocks the view of Avenue Fonsny from the city centre. The lower one is at the corner of the Place Broodthaers and Rue Hollande and keeps the symmetry with the Ilot B building. The “Fonsny” building is made up of a “tower” at the corner of Fonsny/Rue d’Angleterre and continues the vertical expression of the future “Broodthaers” building.

The hotel is a 7-storey building, with the ground floor being used for reception, the floors above for bedrooms and the top floor for a fitness room and plant room. The Rue de Hollande façade is classically constructed and made up of solids and spaces in a formal continuity compared to the office building planned for the Place Broodthaers.


South City Office & South City Hotel

Project Dates

Handover : 2010


Architect: A2RC Architects – Jaspers -Eyers Architects

Project Figures

39,500 m² above ground