Georeferenced socioeconomic research in order to assist the São Manoel Energy company in defining mitigation measures to minimize impacts resulting from the implementation of the hydroelectric plant in the Agricultural Gleba São Benedito, occupied by several farmers, located on the border of the states Mato Grosso and Pará.

Overall, this study aims at deepening knowledge on the realities of the local area in order to guide the decisions of the São Manoel Energy Company in this region.

The services include:

  • Conducting research aimed at socioeconomic characterization of the residents of Gleba São Benedito;
  • Carrying out census research on all farms in the project’s area of influence (rural census);
  • Conducting qualitative interviews with stakeholders from the area of influence (leaders and public officials).

Such studies should allow a clear understanding of the potential socioeconomic impacts on the area of Agricultural Gleba São Benedito, allowing the definition of prevention, correction, enhancement, or compensation.


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61,247.17 €