UHE São Manoel has been being implemented on Teles Pires River since 2014, between the States of Mato Grosso and Pará. The future reservoir area is 66.069 Km², reaching lands in the municipalities of Paranaíta (MT) and Jacareacanga (PA). The future reservoir perimeter is 392 Km, extending over 40 Km, ending where UHE Teles Pires is already implemented.

To comply with environmental requirements of UHE São Manoel’s Installation License, issued by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), Empresa de Energia São Manoel conducts the Social Infrastructure and Equipment Reinforcement Program, in the Area of Indirect Influence – Alta Floresta and Paranaíta, MT. The impacts of this program are monitored by means of a system designed and implemented by Synergia.

Based on the premise of an increase in the demand for public utilities, due to the demographic dynamics of the area, the socioeconomic indicators monitoring work aims to assess socioeconomic changes in the municipalities focusing on the following subjects: Demographics, Basic Sanitation, Urban Infrastructure, Electrical Power, Solid Waste, Health, Education, Public Safety, Work, Child and Adolescent Protection, and Highway and Transport System. Altogether, around 60 socioeconomic indicators were systematized with different levels of spatial disaggregation, historical time series and updating frequency, according to the availability of each information source. It is mobilized around 15 local actors responsible for transferring the primary data, by means of a participative methodology, in which the monitoring of socioeconomic dynamics alterations enables a combined reflection between company, public authorities and communities on local development possibilities.



Project Dates

2016 – 2018