Vale has made, together with the Municipal Government of Marabá, the commitment to develop and implement an urban development plan in the areas contiguous to Ferro Carajás (EFC) Railway, in the vicinity of Km 7 neighborhood.

Synergia was hired to develop the assistance plan for the involuntary displacement of the families that will be impacted by the urban development plan.

The work included a socioeconomic diagnosis of the 113 families living in the area, in addition to the assessment of their betterments by Synergia’s architects and engineers. Based on the studies carried out, Synergia has developed an assistance plan for the involuntary displacement of the families, indicating a multiple scenario to the client, including options of resettlement and assisted and simple compensation to the different families involved, meeting the specific needs of each one of them, and giving priority to citizens in socio-economic vulnerability.


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