The rupture of Samarco's dam, on November 2015, in the sub-district of Bento Rodrigues, near the historical city of Mariana, caused profound changes in the landscape and life of local residents. Synergia has been leading since May 2016 the social work on the 41 municipalities affected between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.
The accident destroyed 82% of the buildings of Comunity Bento Rodrigues, district of the municipality of Mariana, displacing around 1,300 people. As a result of the accident, this district will have to be entirely rebuilt.

SYNERGIA accomplishes one of the greatest and most complex challenges of its history: to support the repair process of damages causes by the rupture of the Samarco’s Fundão dam, considering the greatest environmental disaster ever occurred in Brazil and, when it comes to mining accidents, the greatest of the world. It is the role of Synergia: to perform socioeconomic registrations of families directly affected and the inventory of goods and equity assessment, in order to measure material damages; develop social measures to reconstruct the territory, which involves dialogue with families that will receive new residences, the economic and productive restructuring of those affected in the new resettlement, in addition to dialogue measurement with the other actors involved – governmental and non-governmental ones.






Project Dates

2016 – 2019