Complete studies of the sludge treatment of the wastewater treatment plant

Ipalle wishes to replace the actual sludge treatment system (a centrifuge) by two bandfilters.

The study concentrates on the sludge dewatering facility (two bandfilters), polymer preparation facility, the displacement of the deodorization facility, displacement of the liming facility, transportation and stocking of dehydrated sludge and the production of water.

A new building will hold the new equipment.

TPF-Utilities works in close partnership with the architects in charge of the studies.

The project management mission includes the following studies:

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design: implantation of the equipments, sizing of the filters, estimation of the investment cost and the operating costs …
  • Making out of the specifications: the administrative part, the technical part (electromechanical engineering), the specific technical part and the appendices.
  • Offers analysis and drawing up of the analysis report.
  • Management of the works: control of the schedule, check of the civil engineering and electromechanical documentation, check of the good execution of the works, control and approval of the financial aspects.


Intercommunale de Propreté Publique du Hainaut Occidental (IPALLE)

Project Dates

2011 – 2016