Redevelopment of a former industrial site into a residential complex. This is not only a matter of developing the former sugar factory building and restoring a part of the area to public use (residential units, crèches, lofts, etc.) but also constructing some 20,000 m2 of new residential units.

The project comprises:

  • The construction of new apartment buildings for a total surface area of around 20,000 m2, composed of single family buildings, 2-family buildings, a retirement home with residential services, a crèche, a local administration building, a convenience store, allotments and a communal orchard.
  • The construction of a new pedestrian footbridge will provide a safe access across the canal to the railway station and town centre.

The objective of this project is to return the canal banks for use by pedestrians and cyclists.


Atenor Group

Project Dates

Handover: 2016


Architect : D.D.S. Partners et Holoffe & Vermeersch

Landscape architect : JNC International

Bureau Matriciel

Project Figures

27,000 m²