Within the sanitation plan of the Senne, TPF-Utilities was in charge of the detailed technical studies and the management of the works for the realization of lot 2 of the wastewater collector of the Senne at Tubize.

5 runs of DN 1000 and DN 500 have been bared on the overall set of installed collectors.

The project management mission includes the following studies:

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design: sizing of the pipes, estimation of the investment cost and the operating costs …
  • Making out of the specifications: the administrative part, the technical part (civil engineering and electromechanical engineering), the specific technical part and the appendices.
  • Offers analysis and drawing up of the analysis report.
  • Management of the works: control of the schedule, check of the civil engineering and electromechanical documentation, check of the good execution of the works, control and approval of the financial aspects.


Intercommunale du Brabant Wallon (IBW)

Project Dates

2002 – 2006