Construction works and commissioning of a pressurised gravity sewer, for urban waste water as well as pumping stations. The works are intended to provide sanitation for Chièvres, Huissignies, Tongre-Notre-Dame and Tongre-Saint-Martin

Works realised using the cut and cover method, by directional drilling and by pipe ramming under the Ath-Blaton canal.

The project designer assignment awarded to TPF-Utilities includes the following design projects:

  • Preliminary designs and plan that is: determining the equivalent number of inhabitants to be covered by each storm overflow connected to the sewer, dimensioning the sewer, taking into account the soil tests, drafting the quantity survey for adjudication (determination of the survey positions, quantities assumed and unit prices), …
  • Drafting the specifications, that is to say, the administrative terms and conditions, general terms and conditions for civil engineering and electromechanical equipment (for the pumping stations), special tehcnical terms and conditions and the related appendices (tender documentation, estimate to be completed, etc.)
  • Analysis of tenderers’ bids and drafting the award report.
  • Management of works, including: planning follow-up, checking the proper execution of works, progress approval and final statement, etc.


Intercommunale de Propreté Publique du Hainaut Occidental (IPALLE)

Project Dates

2005 – 2013