The Serpa Dam, located on the shore of Enxoé, has a reservoir with a storage volume of 10,2 hm³ and is integrated into the Global System of Alqueva irrigation

Dam zoned embankment with waterproofing curtain;

Landfill volume: 445 dam³;

Maximum dam height: 29 m;

Development and width of the crown: 431 m and 9 m;

Flood Spillway: duckbill discharger with 61 m of useful development, restitution channel with 166 m and dissipation basin type III USBR (Qdim=172 m³/s);

Water intake: Tower with 28 m high, walkway 75 m, admission through 2 holes and conduct of DN 1400 mm;

Acessibilidades: secondary access path to the crown in 5 km, with bituminous coating


EDIA (Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva, Portugal)

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