Construction of a railway tunnel under the Archimède Street, buildings Archimède – Stévin - Cortenbergh, the Cortenbergh Avenue and the Jamblinne de Meux Place.

With a length of 922 m, this tunnel is part of the “ Watermael –Schuman -Josaphat” RER section.

The two tracks tunnel was totally built by underpinning. The choice has been made for working in horizontal galleries and under vertical braced excavation.

Due to the proximity of existing buildings foundations, very near to the tunnel roof (centimeters), the crossing under the block of buildings has been quite difficult.

At the Cortenbergh Avenue, the tunnel is directly built under the existing road tunnel.

At the Jamblinne de Maux Place, the many underground existing road works made the execution of the tunnel extremely complicated.

The rail tracks are placed on prefabricated concrete supports independent of the tunnel raft foundation in order to ensure a good acoustic insulation towards the roadside buildings.


Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport Infrastructure and Public Transport Service

Project Dates

October 2014


Joint venture agreement with SGI Ingénierie S.A. Luxembourg

50 % TPF Engineering

50 % SGI

Project Figures

Length: 922 m