Istanbul is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world because of its seismic-prone location on the North Anatolian Fault. Since the occurrence of a major earthquake in Istanbul can have devastating consequences on the economy and human lives, building retrofitting measures are a priority.

The project includes 47 schools and 2 residence halls. The total area of the buildings, which are all of them located in Istanbul, is 141,044.00 m2. The consulting services were performed in two stages:

Phase I: Structural retrofitting design and preparation of the tender documents:

Analysis of structural and non-structural elements (architectural elements, utility and mechanical systems and building envelope). Design of retrofitting and rehabilitation solutions to reinforce the buildings’ structure against a potential major earthquake. Due to the lack of technical information on the existing facilities, it was necessary to carry out on-site inspections of each building to assess their current quake-prone status.

Phase II: Construction supervision services and assistance during the defects liability period.


Istanbul Special Provincial Administration, Istanbul Project Coordination Unit

Project Dates



TÜMAÇ (50%)

Project Figures

Project costs: 1,007,500 USD
Construction value: 22,000,000 €