School complex in Dahl - Goesdorf

This school complex has been designed as a low energy building with a high environmental quality.

Complex composed of:

  • A primary school housing classrooms, 1 theatre room, 1 library, workshops, administration areas, central entrance area and plant rooms.
  • A crèche [day nursery] (3 x 30 children) housing day rooms, administration areas, library, central entrance area and plant rooms.
  • A childcare centre (around 200 children) housing day rooms, kitchen, dining room, attached areas, theatre room, workshops, library administration areas and plant rooms.
  • A sports centre housing a sports hall (open area hall), central entrance area, changing rooms, stands and various rooms.


Goesdorf municipal council

Project Dates

Handover: 2016


Architect: SCAHT Arch.& Dév. Wiltz

Project Figures

8,000 m²