Detailed design of Costal del Sol Railway Corridor. Section: San Pedro de Alcántara-Estepona

The tunnels referred to in this project are included in the railway line section San Pedro de Alcántara – Estepona.
The project is divided into four sub-sections:

  • San Pedro de Alcántara-Benamara-Cancelada (two-tube tunnel)
  • Cancelada-Estepona (two-tube tunnel)
  • Estepona-Pozo Hauling shaft (single-tube tunnel)
  • Estepona-Train Depot (mine)

The two-tube tunnel runs from San Pedro de Alcántara Station to Estepona Station, with a length of 13,375 m. The single-tube tunnel goes from Estepona Station to Pozo de Extracción (hauling shaft), with a length of 1,700 m. Finally, the cut-and-cover tunnel is 475 m long.

The tunnel route traverses the following geological units: Upper Bizcornil and Lower Bizcornil (arenite), Migmatite, Turbidite and Flysh.

The need for a stable excavation and a waterproof tunnel lining, along with other factors such as the crossing of several rivers along the route, determined the simultaneous excavation and construction of this tunnel section by using a EPB tunnel machine


Ferrocarriles de la Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Railway Authority)

Project Dates

2007 – 2011


TIPSA: 25%

Project Figures

Contract Value:
5,061,649.99 €