Luncavita infrastructure serves as flood defense for a population of 4700 people located downstream along Cetatuia stream (near Danube). In time, the infrastructure has been clogged up and risks of overflow or break are high

The original infrastructure was designed as irrigation basin and aquaculture facilities, covering an area of almost 200.000 sqm. The basic infrastructure to retain the water consists of a soil dam, a 20-m wide discharge channel and a 800 mm-diameter outlet.

Nowadays, this construction secures the safety of the population downstream to avoid high discharges during rainy season. No maintenance works have been done, thus the infrastructure has become a hazard, rather than protection facility. Works needing immediate attention refer to cleaning and large repairs to the discharge channel especially, as well as to complete replacement of the outlet. Major repair works are required also for the dam structure, such as restoring the crowning to the safety level, and the stream bed must be unclogged. The refurbished structure needs to be monitored, so a control system is provided as well.

TPF CPROJECT (whose name changed to TPF INGINERIE) experts provide solutions in terms of technical and economic issues, assessing the best options using cost-benefit analysis.


Basin Water Administration – Dobrogea-Seashore

Project Dates

2013 – 2015

Project Figures

Contract value: 119,900.00 lei (27,300.00 euro)