Preliminary design and technical assistance services for the preparation of the tender documents and the selection of the Contractors regarding the upgrade of the tunnel lining, drainage systems and existing facilities in Kherrata Tunnels.

Kherrata Tunnels consist of three consecutive tunnels with a total length of more than 6 km, which makes them the longest highway tunnels in Africa. Their construction was completed in 1988.

This infrastructure is of a strategic importance for the Algerian Government, and is framed within a plan for the upgrade of roads in Algeria intended to increase safety conditions and therefore comply with international standards.

The services provided involved:

  • Detailed inspection and  report on the tunnels’ condition
  • Safety audit of the facilities:
    • Lighting system
    • Power network
    • Ventilation
    • Fire fighting
    • CCTV
    • Emergency Communications Network
  • Study of alternatives
  • Preliminary design of the upgrade works involving the tunnel lining, drainage systems and existing facilities.
  • Preparation of tender documents, including:
    • Tender specifications
    • Assessment on the tender proposals submitted to select the Contractor


Ministry of Public Works (Agency of Public works of the Bejaja Wilaya)

Project Dates

2014 – 2015

Project Figures

Amount of contract:
622,215 €