The object of the contract was to conduct the feasibility study and the preliminary design of the Ruta del Sol Project to improve connection between the centre of the country and the Caribbean Coast. It is Colombia’s biggest infrastructure project to date and one of the largest in the region.

The scope of the project included:

  • The rehabilitation of the Villeta – Bosconia – Valledupar section ( 810 kilometres)
  • The widening of the motorway sections connecting Puerto Salgar – Bosconia, Bosconia – Ye Ciénaga, Bosconia – Valledupar (840 kilometres)
  • The construction of a new lane on the road linking Tobiagrande to Puerto Salgar (75 kilometres)
  • The construction of a one-lane road between Dindal and Caparrapí (18 kilometres) to link with the Tobiagrande – Puerto Salgar section.
  • Operation and maintenance assessment


World Bank–International Finance Corporation

Project Dates


Project Figures

Project costs: 1,127,643 €
Construction value: 523,000,000 USD