The contract consists of the drafting of reports on road safety of the roads of Madrid (analysis of sections, identifications of dangerous sections, follow-up of the efficiency of the corrective measures), proposal of corrective measures to improve road safety and detailed design projects for the execution of such measures

  • Studies on accidents blackspots and proposal of improvement actions
  • Accomplishment of inspections in the preventive action identified sections
  • Proposal of priority actions and execution system
  • Regular reports monitoring the implementation of the planned improvement actions
  • Treatment and IT management of the information for its incorporation in the Systems of Management of the Central Services
  • Regional roads authority consultancy support on road safety
  • Issue of proposal of study orders and drafting of 10 projects of improvement actions, by a total amount of projected works of more than 65 Ms€

Some of the Detailed design Projects of improvement actions are:

  • Reconditioning of through road of El Molar and Pedrezuela. Lighting of the links in the marker post 41/0 and 47/0 of the A-1 and acoustic screens
  • Change of the connection of the highway M-40 with the north highway A-1 in right lane and refurbishment of the service road and its connections to the trunk, marker posts 13/1 – 14/6
  • Change of the connection of the highway M-50 with the highway A-3 in Valencia bound lane and addition of a third lane on the highway A-3, marker post 14/5 – 17/3
  • Alignment improvement with bigger bend radii and suitable camber of the M-40 section in the marker post 19/0
  • Roundabout refurbishment. Marker Post 27/0 of the M40
  • Refurbishment of the connection of marker post 38/0 and bidirectional transformation of left service road from marker posts 37/415 to 37/0 of the highway A-6
  • Construction of the service roads in the highway A-42, marker post 24/8 to 27/0
  • Adaptation to new regulations of highway vehicle restraints systems in existing structures (parapets): A-1, marker post 85/2 – 89/450 and 97/450 right side; A-3, marker post 62/785; and M-40, marker post 16/790, 19/9, 20/230 and 15/8 main trunk and service roads


Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Infrastructures) Demarcación de Carreteras del Estado en Madrid (Roads and Highways Authority in Madrid)

Project Dates

2010 – 2013



Project Figures

Contract Value : 1,351,874,61 € VAT included