Development and readjustment of the construction projects, comprising the roads and basic sanitation, drainage, earthworks, paving and structural works for the Fortaleza Municipality, in the State of Ceará

Due to the constant urban growth and the need of basic infrastructure works in the bigger capitals of Brazil, urban mobility and infrastructure programs were developed for all these important Brazilian cities and in the scope of one of these programs, the TRANSFOR of Fortaleza Municipality, implementation of water supply and sanitary sewage systems projects were carried out as well as readjustment and improvement of the road system in Fortaleza, comprising earthworks, paving, drainage and structural projects, aiming to offer efficiently public services and transport for more than 3 million inhabitants in the aforementioned city. Furthermore, environmental studies were also developed in order to guarantee the environmentally responsible implementation of such engineering works. These projects meet the needs of a more appropriate infrastructure, fomenting the social and economic development of the capital of Ceará State.



Project Dates

12/2011 – 12/2012

Project Figures

Contract value : 1,516,500.00 €