The Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam, located upstream of the confluence with the Ribeiro do Arco and Ribeiro Grande, with a reservoir with a volume of storage of 5.387 hm³, aims to irrigate 880 ha of the south block of the Vale da Vilariça.

Type of dam:

  • two zoned embankments and other low volume with a portela with sealing curtain;
  • Volume of landfills: 565 dam³.
  • Maximum height of dam: 36.9 m;
  • Development and crown width: 614 m and 9 m;
  • Flood spillway: the sills of type double side with a useful development of 62 m, channel of restitution with 138 m and dissipation of energy through ski jumping (Qdim = 320 m³/s);
  • Tower with 35.3 m high, 109 m walk, admission by three holes and leads DN 1000 mm;
  • Accessibility: secondary roads and access to the crowning


Direcção Regional de Agricultura de Trás-os-Montes

Project Dates