The renovation of the building belong to Solidaris, on avenue Max Buset, 40. The building is currently home to the Red Cross collection centre, offices and garages with a total area of 1,000 m² over 3 floors.

After the works, the building will incorporate a gastrology department. It will contain an endoscopy suite, a room for cleaning instruments, rooms for patients (day unit), consultation rooms. Moreover, the building will contain utilities for employees: kitchens, showers, toilets, refectories.

The collection centre will remain unchanged.

The works undertaken by TPF-Utilities relate to insulation, electricity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, replacement of lamps, access control, IT network, sanitary facilities, etc.

The modification to the layout of the premises is the responsibility of an architectural firm.

The task of TPF-Utilities consists of:

  • the realisation of a technical audit of electrical and heating installations;
  • the realisation of studies and specifications for Special Technical works: determination of requirements, dimensioning, drafting specifications, establishing tender plans, etc.;
  • Consultation with companies and bid analysis
  • responsibility for the safety coordination on site.


Solidaris mutualité

Project Dates

2014 – 2015